Teaching is our ministry.

Jesus is our model. People are our passion. Transformed lives our product. And heaven is our goal. This is the essence of Christian Education.

Christian Education ON THE MOVE

EVERY Sunday, from 8:30 am to 9:30 am, our team of Christian Educators greet students of all ages, pre-kinder to adults to help them

G iving love to students by
R elating to their needs and teaching them
O bedience to the
W ord, will, and way of the Lord


Our curriculum is Bible based, and we use the “Precepts for Living” commentary as a resource to spiral our lessons from the same biblical passage for every age group. Lessons are developmentally appropriate and target the needs of each age group. Students are able to connect scriptures to their daily lives through group discussions and various craft and theater arts activities.

Youth Church

YOUTH CHURCH is not intended to take the place of Church School. Youth church takes place for children, ages 3 – 12, during our 10:00 am worship service, on the first, third and fourth Sunday of each month. The Pastor dismisses teachers, volunteers and students from the sanctuary and we all assemble in one room for prayer, fellowship and snacks. The youth are encouraged to share their spiritual gifts through music (Ms. Ramona), drama (Ms. Naima), and dance (Ms. Dawn). As time permits, students are divided by age groups to continue reading bible short stories, followed by arts and crafts. Youth church strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to help spiritually train and equip the youth in a fun and Godly atmosphere to the Glory of God. Faith formation continues, if you have the gift of teaching, please consider joining our team!!

Prayer for Christian Education

Good and Gracious God,

You have called us to the teaching ministry of the church. We pray for that ministry and for the various ministries in the Department of Christian Education. From Districts 1-20 of the AME Church and other churches and denominations around the world, we pray for men, women, boys, and girls who study to show themselves approved. We lift before you those who give of their time, talent, and treasure to help themselves and others grow in discipleship. Lord God, we recommit ourselves to this common ministry. Your word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. We lift to you the Christian educators who give leadership at every level of the church—connection, episcopal district, conference, presiding elder, and the local congregation.

We thank you for vacation bible schools, congresses, trips, and retreats that afforded your people opportunity to pause and learn more of you. Lord, we confess that we have not always focused ourselves on your word and your way as you have called us to. Refocus us when we become unfocused, cause us to pause and consider the calling that you have placed on us, reminding us that you have equipped us for the work you have assigned us. Empower and inspire us by your Holy Spirit.

With our heart, souls, and minds, we seek to serve you. May the evidence of our devotion and discipleship be clear and serve as a witness to others of your love, peace, liberation, reconciliation, and salvation as we move throughout this day and the days to come in our conversations and actions.

We pray this prayer in the name of the master teacher, Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Christian Education Litany

  • Leader: From the moment of our creation God has loved us and called us to be disciples. 
  • Congregation: We thank you, God, for calling us to grow and serve as Christian disciples. 
  • Leader: Through the care of families, the love of Christ, and the nurture of the Christian community, we are shaped and strengthened. 
  • Congregation: We thank you, God, for equipping us to grow and serve as Christian disciples. 
  • Leader: As Christ’s disciples, we are sent forth to proclaim our faith. 
  • Congregation: We thank you, God for sending us to serve. 
  • Leader: Led by those who were called forth to lead and teach and model the faith, we follow their example and witness. 
  • Congregation: We thank you, God, for providing the gifts of leading, teaching, and learning. 
  • Leader: Teachers and leaders, you have heard God’s call. Will you let your light shine before others so they see our good works? 
  • Congregation: With God as our helper, we will. 
  • ALL: With God’s help we will support and encourage one another. We dedicate ourselves to growing and serving. We thank you, God, for claiming us and blessing us with so many gifts. As we use these gifts, may our service reflect your abiding presence and the light of faith we bear together, in Jesus name we pray. Amen.